"At a time of a lot of chaos and difficulty in our life, Mrs. Delmonico helped our little guy before he was 3 years old. Terri was sent by the New Milford School District to provide speech therapy for our kid while in transition from Early Intervention and the beginning of the school year. Then, Mrs. Delmonico thought him at Washington South when he started school formally.  Terri was not only very professional and knowledgeable in the area of speech but took the extra effort to make us feel comfortable and at ease while providing valuable help to our son. Terri used all her knowledge and available tool to provide excellent speech therapy session both at home and in the school setting."

"Andrea, you have been such a steady and positive influence on my son and it has truly been magnificent to see him put into practice the skills and patience you have taught him.  His ability to stay calm and interact with his peers in a positive and constructive way continues to improve and we are truly grateful for the benefit of your experience and the kindness you have extended to him.  Moreover, you have taught me so much both directly and by observing the manner in which you have worked with my child that I feel much more confident as a father in my abilities to mentor him as he grows older.  Lucky are the children you will be working with."

"Andrea cares deeply about the people to whom she provides occupational therapy.  She cares about the rehabilitation of their functional mobility and activities, and that caring is embedded in a genuine caring about the whole person—their hopes, fears, and feelings overall.  Her technical competence in her work as an OT with my father since his stroke has been outstanding.  He has made enormous strides under her direction, supported both by her technical skill as well as her genuine connection and ability to engender his motivation to do the work."

"Andrea Delmonico is in a class of her own.  Her outstanding commitment to her clients on a personal level, her technical skills, and her ability to support clients in the difficult emotions that so often accompany recovery from physical injury or illness are great attributes that she brings to her work.  Her clients are the most fortunate recipients."


"Andrea has enormous maturity and sophistication regarding her awareness of the emotions of her clients.  Her ability to enhance my father and his wife’s overall well-being by providing emotional support to each of them has, at times, been as important in my view as her ability to support their physical rehabilitation directly.  She understands profoundly how the mind and body must support each other for best functioning."